Travel & Tourism Industry

Internationally, tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry. Worldwide, there were nearly 700 million tourists in 2000, and there is set to rise to 1.6 billion by 2020.

Here in Scotland we have not been unaffected by the booming industry- there are 20,000 tourism businesses generating £4.2 billion, and it is set to grow to £6 billion by 2015.

Within the industry there is a massively diverse range of areas to be involved in, as can be seen from the job description sector.

With the opportunity to meet new people, travel the world, and get involved in a variety of different activities, it is a hugely appealing industry. This may explain why over 215,000 people are employed in tourism in Scotland, 8% of the total workforce. Have a browse through the information available, to see if you can find something to interest you.




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